Tips and Gratuities

As there has been a lot of negative press recently about tips and gratuities in the press we have followed the British Hospitality Associations advice and making our position clear.

All tips and gratuities are passed directly to the staff.  There is no amount deducted for handling costs (though we are entitled to do so) and there is no amount taken by the business.

Credit card tips are handled like cashback and the amount of the tip left on the card is turned into cash from the till and given to the staff straight away.

The distribution of tips is decided by the staff. They are pooled on a weekly basis and split between

  • the Restaurant & Bar Team (responsible for serving the food and drinks),
  • the Kitchen Team (responsible for creating the dishes) and
  • the House Team (responsible for taking reservations, cleaning, and maintaining the restaurant).

They are then distributed according to the hours and shifts worked.

No one person is ever responsible for creating good service and therefore tipping individuals directly is discouraged.

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