2020 and 2021 have been very odd and it still looks like it might take a while to get back to fully normal. For those who want a taste of restaurant food at home … whether because we are restricted by the regulations …. or just because your bubble means that whilst you can get together at home you can’t go out to a restaurant … or just because the fire is warm and you fancy dinner in your P.J.s … we can help. From a casual snack from The Pup Truck to a Bistro meal from The Salty Dog, to fine dining from The Boat House … we can bring that taste of the restaurant to your home.

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Salty Pup Food Truck Opening Hours

12-8, Seven Days a Week – Truck Grub.

For Pup Truck Menu and Information Click Here

Salty Dog Take Away & delivery Hours

We now have a number of dining and take away (collection or delivery options for you)

8-11 Every Day – Salty Dog Breakfast

12-8 Every Day – Pup Truck Truck Grub

12-8 Every Day – Salty Dog Menu and Pups Menu

12-8 Sunday – Carve@Home Box (or Plate)


12-8 Every Day – Salty Dog  Menu































12-8 Every Day – Salty Dog Pups Menu





























12-6 Every Day – Pup Truck Truck Grub
























Sunday Lunch 

Carve@Home: (or carve on a plate for eating outdoors)

Roast Minted Shoulder of Lamb, Roast Irish Fillet, Sugar Pit Cured Pork, Baked Carrot, Greens, Mash, Roasties, Yorkie and Jus

Available Sundays 12-8.












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