The Chef Network Kitchen Charter

We also Subscribe to the Chef Network Kitchen Charter.  The Charter was created by chefs for chefs to encourage positive change in the kitchen. Based on 5 Principles, with key areas for action under each and examples from the chef community on how to achieve them, the charter provides guidelines that every individual kitchen can implement in a way that best suits their environment and their team.

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  1. Build a Positive Working Environment
    1. Give Equal Respect to Everyone
    2. Encourage Collaboration and Creativity
    3. Create a Safe and Open Environment
  2. Promote Learning and Development
    1. Mentoring and Training
    2. Facilitate Individual Progression
    3. Encourage Experience
  3. Nurture Camaraderie & Team Spirit
    1. Being One Team
    2. Meeting and Communicating with the team
    3. Dealing with issues and conflict
  4. Prioritise Work Life Balance
    1. Being Considerate & recognising Needs
    2. Promoting Well Being
    3. Respecting Staffs Personal Time and Space
  5. Give Back to the Chef Community
    1. Share knowledge and Skills
    2. Nurture Chefs of the Future


We have adapted the for all departments within the hotel.  This charter does rely on both sides having respect for each other and themselves. For details of our Vision, Mission and Values Click Here.

Whilst the above can be seen as just words … here are some of the ways that these commitments play out practically.

Click Here for The Salty Dog Vision and Values


Here is the story behind the Kitchen Charter

Our Kitchen Workplace Charter

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