Green Policy

The Salty Dog has been committed to helping look after our environment for a number of years.  This not only includes the physical environment but also the social.  This can be seen in our work with various charities and local organisations.

With regards to the physical environment, we have a number of initiatives.  We are also continually looking for more ways not only to reduce our environmental impact but to create a positive impact and are keen to receive any suggestions.

Compostable Packaging

We were an early adopter of compostable packaging and consumables.  From plant-plastic straws to takeaway cups and cutlery.

Filtered Water

We have moved away from selling bottled water, transported and bottled with a large environmental impact.  To offereing free filtered still and sparkling water on tap.   We are also part of a network that will refill peoples water bottles for free and without any other purchases.

Bee Kind Toiletries

Our in-room and public area toiletries come in bulk or in individual packs made from recycled material printed with plant-based inks.  Furthermore a portion of the money we spend on toiletries goes to research into bee colony disorders.

Follow this link for more information.

Waste Control

We practice strict waste separation and control in partnership with our waste firm Riverridge Recycling maximizing the amounts sent for recycling.

Buying Local

More to follow

Changing Behaviours

More to Follow

Green Tourism Accreditation

We are currently undergoing the process to receive Green Tourism accreditation.

Our Green Story

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