Gins at The Salty Dog

If you happen to enjoy the odd Gin & Tonic, then The Salty Dog is the place for you. We have a massive range of Gin’s available to suit all tastes. Whether you are traditional with your choice of Gin combination, or whether you prefer a stylish and tasty cocktail, we will have you sorted.



Cork Dry (37.1%)

Plymouth (41.2%)

Tanqueray, (43.1%)

Bombay Sapphire

Dingle (42.5%)

Martin Millar’s

Caorunn (41.8%)

Bathtub (43.3%)

Williams Chase Elegant (48%)

King of Soho (42%)

Star of Bombay (47.5)




Hendricks (41.1%)

Beefeater 24 (45%)

Glendalough (41%)

Gin Mare (42.7%)

Glendalough summer

Sipsmith (41.6%)

Jensen’s (43%)

G Vine Floraison

Whitley Neill (42%)

Elephant (45%)

Monkey 47 (47%)

Copperhead (40%)

jinzu (41.3%)


Blackwoods Vintage

Tanqueray No.10 (47.3%)

Daffy’s (43.4%)

Eden Love (42%)

Eden Golf (42%)

Eden Oak (42%)


Shortcross (46%)

Aviation (42%)

William’s Chase Dry

The Botanist (46%)


As you can see, our list is extensive to say the least!

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